Regulations of KARTOFLISKO Restaurant

§ 1 General provisions
KARTOFLISKO Restaurant is located in Tylna 1 street in 05-190 Nasielsk and is the property of “GULIWER” Commercial Company, registered partnership Estkowski, Sawicki with its registered office in Nasielsk in Tylna 1 street.
1. In the restaurant and restaurant garden, only meals, drinks and alcoholic beverages purchased exclusively in KARTOFLISKO Restaurant can be consumed.
2. We do not attend intoxicated persons.
3. KARTOFLISKO Restaurant is a strictly NON-SMOKING area.
4. Animals are not allowed in KARTOFLISKO Restaurant.

1. Reservations can be made by phone on
570 708 700, 23 693 0833 or in person in the Restaurant. Reservations are valid for 20 minutes.
2. The staff may refuse access to KARTOFLISKO Restaurant to any person without giving a specific reason, which shall be specifically applied to persons who:
– behave rudely towards the staff and other guests
– are under the influence of alcohol, drugs and other intoxicants
– attempt to bring and consume their own drinks, alcoholic beverages, meals, desserts and other food products despite the ban
– are banned from the Restaurant
This ban shall apply to all persons who violate the regulations of the Restaurant, including those who have table reservations, and the costs related to the reservation shall not be refunded.

§ 3 Safety
1. To provide safety to our guests, the Restaurant introduces security measures consisting in continual monitoring of the facility with the use of cameras and protecting guests with the help of staff.
2. It is forbidden to bring own beverages, food, weapons, knives, pyrotechnic or fire-hazardous materials, drugs and other intoxicants to the Restaurant.
3. Persons entering the Restaurant are obliged to behave in a way that does not endanger the safety of others.
4. In the event of a guest’s violation of law or of these Restaurant regulations or destruction of the property of the Restaurant, the employees of KARTOFLISKO Restaurant are authorized to remove the guest from the Restaurant or, if necessary, to apply physical force and detain a person suspected of violation of law until they are handed over to the police.
5. For material damages caused on the premises of KARTOFLISKO Restaurant full financial liability is borne by a consumer / a guest.

§4 Final provisions
1. The Regulations are available in KARTOFLISKO Restaurant in Tylna 1 street, 05-190 Nasielsk.
2. The owners of KARTOFLISKO Restaurant reserve their right to amend these regulations at any time without giving any reason.
3. The Regulations are effective as of 01.01.2014.
4. Entering the premises of KARTOFLISKO Restaurant entails consumer’s consent to being photographed and filmed with their image being used free of charge by KARTOFLISKO Restaurant for marketing purposes. Persons who do not consent to the above are requested to report this fact to the staff.
5. Please keep a fiscal receipt in case of any complaints or inspections upon leaving the Restaurant.
6. KARTOFLISKO Restaurant shall not be held responsible for any items left unattended.

PHONE 23 693 08 33